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IVF success treated with Chinese herbs and acupuncture

I came to Kyoko after going through 3 unsuccessful cycles of IVF. At the recommendation of both my IVF clinic and friends that had done Chinese herbs and acupuncture as a part of their successful fertility treatments, I decided to add a holistic approach to my IVF treatment. I've never utilised holistic medicine previously so I was unsure what to expect, but my sessions with Kyoko helped me approach my 4th IVF cycle with a sense of calmness, peace and positivity that I desperately needed restored after the previous IVF failures. At 39 years of age, my IVF clinic collected 15 eggs with 5 making it to the blastcyst stage. One of the transferred eggs was the highest quality I've ever obtained (4ab) and we're now nearing the end of our first trimester of pregnancy! Kyoko is warm and encouraging and I have no doublt that the Chinese herbs and acupuncture were a positive factor in our IVF success. We're very grateful and thankful!

Shannon, St Albans

Autoimmune disease and fertility treated by acupuncture and herbs

I first started seeing Kyoko in January this year after struggling with autoimmune disease, chronic pain and fatigue for about a year and a half. I found acupuncture and herbs to be incredibly helpful for my pain and energy levels and slowly but surely improved. In June, after six months of seeing Kyoko, I felt well enough to switch to fertility acupunture and , to my surprise, conceived within two cycles. I am now in my second trimester and feeling good! I am extremely grateful to Kyoko for all of her help and for the kindness and professionalism she showed me throughout treatment and at a very difficult time in my life. I would recommend her to anyone.
Angela, St Albans

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Improving male fertility by Acupuncture and herbs

After our failed IVF treatment both myself and my wife have started acupuncture treatment & herbs with Kyoko. Firstly, I must say that Kyoko was a very good support for both of us in that difficult time. With regards to the acupuncture treatment & herbs over the last few months helped us in our preparation for IVF. The treatment has definitely helped increase the overall physical energy together with both the mental and emotional aspects. From my perspective, I have now done another sperm count and the results show an incredible improvement in both count and quality. From a sperm count of under 1 million, in 6 months the count increased to over 44 million which is over the average sperm count as defined by the WHO. The motility improved from 2% to 45% while the morphology increased from 2% to 5%. All the above improvements & results give us hope for the upcoming IVF treatment.

We can never recommend Kyoko highly enough and we would like to thank her all her help & support.
Patient, St Albans

My story with fertility acupuncture and Chinese herbs

I first came to see Kyoko in April 2013 due to irregular periods and we were trying for a baby for a number of years but nothing was happening. From the first moment I saw Kyoko I was immediately put at rest due to her kind, compassionate and caring nature. I had been to Harley Street for investigation but I felt like a number rather than a human being going through pain and heartache as I watched everyone else have children but Kyoko always made me feel like a human being in her sessions.

My name is Catherine and every week I came for my treatment, took the Chinese herbs and charted my ovulation patterns. From doing this Kyoko began to see a pattern in my charts and I fell pregnant quickly but sadly it was not to be and I ended up miscarrying. I did not give up and with Kyoko's positive nature I continued on again hoping to fall pregnant, even though I was disheartened she believed that it could happen for us. I did fall pregnant for the second time but sadly miscarried again but Kyoko realised my progesterone was short and my luteal phase was short after the ovulation stage.

Due to understanding this, I went to see a doctor who prescribed progesterone, aspirin and thyroid tablets to help the pregnancy along with the acupuncture and herbs. Once again I started on my journey, never once did I feel that Kyoko had given up on us. Then in May 2015, I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time and this time I had all the knowledge behind me, the first 8 weeks were torture for us until I heard that heartbeat on the scan.

Thanks to Kyoko's help, my husband and I were blessed with a healthy baby boy on the 21st February 2016, I am not sure would be here without Kyoko's help and I cannot recommend her enough and I would not hesitate to use her again.

Catherine, Watford

Fertility success story (age 41 and high FSH) treated with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs

I had been diagnosed with possible Multiple Sclerosis and then FSH of 27, AMH of 0.1 and been told I wouldn't be a good candidate for IVF and would need donor eggs. My cycle was about 25 days and my periods only lasted about 3 days. Three years of trying and it seemed pretty hopeless. I did six months of fertility acupuncture to no avail. I was prescribed clomid which I did for three months but it made my periods thin and watery and no pregnancy came along. I had never had a positive pregnancy test. It seemed like it was something that just wasn't going to happen. I am 41. And then over Christmas 2013, I googled other local fertility acupuncturists and found Kyoko. I saw her for the first time on the 8th Jan.2014, I think the day I ovulated. She was very professional and welcoming and interested in my past medical history. She suggested I try some Chinese herbs to restore my body's balance. I was willing to try anything! I had my acupuncture treatment lying down and was able to relax and she used electrodes on some of the needles and I had some nice visions of flowers blooming whilst my treatment was happening. I don't know what it was exactly but something worked. Something amazing. For 2 weeks later, my period was 4 days late. Kyoko had said I didn't need acupuncture during the week of my period and I had it in my head that perhaps the acupuncture and herbs had extended my cycle - it felt like a win-win situation. If my cycle had been lengthened, that could only be a good thing and if I was (dare I say it?) pregnant - fantastic!

So four days later, I took a test. I almost wasn't that amazed when I saw the line. But wow! A positive pregnancy line for the first time ever. I took another before I told my partner - his face was a picture! I called Kyoko to ask if I should continue taking the fertility herbs. I think she was pretty shocked too but said she would make me up a new batch of pregnancy herbs. I have to say, the herbs are pretty awful but I am now eleven weeks pregnant and feel confident that 'Pippin' is staying put. I am so looking forward to giving birth and being a mum. I can't thank Kyoko enough for her support and advice. I would recommend her to anyone especially someone who thinks her chances of conceiving are rock bottom. She is caring, interested, professional to a fault and from what I have experienced, a miracle worker!

Jo, Hatfield

Recurrent miscarriages treated by Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

After having suffered 4 recurrent miscarriages following the birth of my son 4 years ago, I decided to seek some form of "alternative" treatment for my condition. Myself and my partner desparately wanted a brother or sister for our little boy and all test and treatments offered by the NHS were either unsuccessful (resulting in further miscarriages) or inconclusive (a reason for the miscarriages couldn't be found). I decided to try acupuncture in the hope this would result in a successful pregnancy. I found Kyoko's details via the internet and from the moment I made an appointment to see her, she put me at my ease. She explained the benefits of acupuncture along with Chinese herbal medicine and I decided to follow the course of treatment she recommended. I fell pregnant again fairly quickly and Kyoko carried on treating me until I was 20 weeks pregnant. After this time, I felt confident that this pregnancy would progress. I felt happy and healthy thoughout the pregnancy, and now have a beautiful little baby girl who was born in September! I am convinced Kyoko's treatment contributed towards this happy outcome and would recommend her to anyone suffering similar problems. Thank you so much Kyoko!

Lisa from St. Albans

Improving fertility in a natural way with acupucnture and herbs

I came to Kyoko after struggling to conceive a second child for over a year. Tests suggested I wasn't ovulating properly and my FSH levels were starting to rise - as a result I felt quite bleak about my chances of conceiving. I was on my second month of clomid when I came to Kyoko, and after my first appointment could not believe it when I discovered I was pregnant! Kyoko was happy for me but had her concerns about the clomid. Sadly I found out at 11 weeks that my baby had died at 8 weeks. I was utterly devastated and felt my only chance at getting pregnant was gone. I carried on seeing Kyoko however to help me get over the miscarriage and just to have an hour to myself once a week to relax really. Kyoko encouraged me to chart my basal body temperature and after reviewing my charts said she was very confident I was ovulating and didn't need clomid. I therefore decided to give the traditional Chinese medicine herbs a try rather than Clomid for a few months on Kyoko's advice and after only 2 months of taking the herbs and continuing with the acupuncture I found out I was pregnant again! I could not believe it and as happy as I was felt incredibly anxious that I would lose this baby too. Kyoko was extremely reassuring that she felt this was a much stronger pregnancy and I continued to see her throughout the first trimester which helped ease my anxiety about the pregnancy hugely.

I am now sat here cradling my perfect 12 day old daughter and still have to pinch myself that she's here as round this time last year I thought all hope was lost - thank you so much Kyoko.

Past patient - 12 days old baby's mother

Maintenance of wellbeing, treated by Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Hi, I'm male, mid 50s. Kyoko is a natural healer with genuine expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She has been treating me on and off for seven years for sports/gym injuries and setbacks, for example pretty serious bouts of stiffness from arthritis, which she has always managed to clear up for me after one to three sessions. Effectively, as a result of her treatment, my body is younger than it would otherwise have been and can perform at a higher level. She is also highly skilled for longer term treatment of physical ailments (in my case, circulation) and modern life mental downsides (lots of people encounter those, take your pick). These are all areas where conventional medical practice struggles to find effective cures or just hits problems on the head with overly powerful drugs which address symptoms not causes. In a nutshell, Kyoko creates wellbeing.

Roger, St Albans

Stress and high Cortisol levels treated by Acupuncture and Herbs

I've had to deal with a huge amount of stress over the last few years which has had a detrimental effect on my health. I am a 63 year old female and was still having several hot flushes each day as well as mood swings (flying off the handle at the smallest thing), insomnia and mild depression. I realised I needed help when I was struggling to function. After researching my symptoms I requested a Cortisol Blood test from my GP, He did so reluctantly, telling me all was fine. However, I received a phone call a week later to advise that my Cortisol levels were sky high and I was to have further tests (which involved taking a steroid tablet), I refused this test.

I knew my high Cortisol levels were due to stress and after much research I sought out an acupuncturist - I found Kyoko. I haven't looked back - after six months of regular acupuncture and Kyoko's Chinese herbs, my Cortisol levels are back to normal, I feel calm and I'm sleeping better than I have for years. I would recommend Kyoko to anyone suffering from stress related health issues. Acupuncture for me was the most relaxing treatment and I can't thank Kyoko enough for making me well.
Christina, St Albans

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Acne treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs

I came to Kyoko over a year ago with a hormonal acne problem I'd had for many years. My skin was covered in bumps, and my jawline was covered in painful cystic acne, which I've had ever since coming off the hormonal contraceptive pill. I'd tried everything in the past and found that acupuncture helped with my condition, but I had no idea just how transformative my experience with Kyoko would be. She prescribed both acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and for a whole year, month by month, I started seeing better and better improvements in my skin. After struggling with acne for over 12 years, I now am finally able to leave the house without make-up, as my skin has completely cleared, including those pesky jawline bumps. I truly never thought this day would ever come! Kyoko is a truly professional medicine expert, I will never be able to thank her enough for what she did for me. Thanks so much.
Crista, 28

Silent reflux treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Curing my reflux so I can sing once more!!

I came to see Kyoko in January 2017 because I had been suffering with silent reflux for nearly three years and had been on constant medication for it. The reflux has never been painful but unfortunately I have had many vocal problems because of it, and being a professional singer I knew I had to get it sorted out. My GP and ENT specialist simply put me on Omeprazole to prevent acid forming in my stomach and as far as they were concerned they saw this as a long-term solution. However, I have never been comfortable with the idea of being on medication long term so decided to try Chinese herbs and acupuncture instead. Kyoko assured me from day 1 that she had had success in the past with reflux patients so she really did put me at ease.

It has now been six months and I have had my last session with Kyoko. I cannot believe how well my body responded to the herbs! When I first started treatment I was taking 20 mg of Omeprazole every day. With Kyoko's help I gradually lessened my medication over time and now I only take 10 mg of Omeprazole when I occasionally suffer symptoms. Kyoko's herb formula not only helped my digestion but my voice as well and I have been singing flawlessly for the last couple of months. I also made some simple dietary changes such as cut out caffeine and tomatoes from my diet and this has made a difference too. I am convinced that had I not gone to see Kyoko I would still be on constant medication. I cannot recommend her enough! Yes, it's costly in comparison to picking up a prescription from the pharmacy but I feel that my body is now back in balance and I will be much healthier in the long run. My one regret is that I didn't go to see Kyoko sooner! Thank you so much.

Ashleigh, Watford

IBS treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs

I had been suffering with IBS about two years before I contacted Kyoko. I had got to the stage where my life had become severely restricted. I had to cut down my work hours, and it wasn't possible for me to make any commitments away from home. Most days I had nausea, diarrhea and I felt extremely fatigued.

I had tried a change of diet and supplements, but although this provided limited help it was clear that this approach wasn't going to help me recover.

It has been ten months since my first session with Kyoko and I'm now at the stage where I feel healthy most days, and I can live a normal life. The acupuncture and Chinese medicine, combined with Kyoko's advice and support have made a real difference to me.

Sam, Hitchin

Peri-menopausal symptoms treated by acupuncture and herbs

I came to Kyoko with annoying peri-menopausal symptoms like an erratic menstrual cycle, night sweats, hot flushes, headaches, disturbed sleep and mood swings. Her potent blend of relaxing acupuncture treatments, herbal teas and sunny disposition has helped me holistically realign myself. After three months, I am free of the symptoms, my cycle has returned to normal and I feel like a shiny new version of my old self. Thank you for your help, Kyoko!
Lori W

Chronic eczema (5 years suffering) treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs

I look forward to acupuncture by practitioner - Kyoko Durnall, every week (now fortnightly), as I find it such a calming, soothing and bodily informative experience. Kyoko does not just treat the outwardly showing 'symptoms' but tries to find the root causes.

If you could see me (my hands and body) now!! in comparison to (a few months ago). If you are also suffering from chronic eczema and have tried all conventional medicine and it has failed you too - don't think twice, give her a ring - acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine together really works; rather than just 'supressing the symptoms'.

Mary from Harpenden

Acne treated by acupuncture and Chinese herbs

After suddenly starting to experience cystic acne in my early twenties, I was diagnosed with PCOS and spent the next 5 years trying a wide variety of treatments to try and clear up my skin. I was put on a course of antibiotics and given many strong topical treatments, but as soon as I stopped using them my acne would come back. I began to feel increasingly frustrated as I wanted to find a way of treating my skin in a more sustainable and holistic way. I started treatment with Kyoko four months ago and a month or so after beginning to receive acupuncture and take Chinese herbs, my spots just stopped appearing and the old ones began to heal. I have had beautifully clear skin since then; I feel so grateful and my confidence has increased hugely. I would highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for both acne and PCOS. Kyoko is a highly professional, trustworthy and caring practitioner - it is a rare gift to find someone who will genuinely listen and work on addressing the root causes of an issue. I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you!

Emily, London

Menopause treated by Acupuncture and Chinese herbs

I had been suffering from menopause for 8 years when I was introduced to Kyoko through my husband's chiropractor. I had tried every remedy in the book. Black cohosh evening primrose oil, menopause cake even a magnet worn in my knickers!!. Nothing worked. I was very sceptical when I went to Kyoko but my husband persuaded me to see if she could help. I was having hot flushes all through the day and the night. Often getting only 3 hours sleep. Kyoko is very gentle and friendly and she put me on the couch and stuck needles all over my body but it was painless and I also took Chinese herbs. Nothing much happened for a couple of months and I was on the verge of giving up. Then to my surprise I felt a definite shift in my body. I started sleeping longer and my hot flushes began to lessen. Long story short it is now nearly 3 months. I sleep most nights, only waking up once and my flushes are reduced to about 3 a day and not nearly as severe. I can definitely cope with this. I would recommend to anyone who is tired of coping with the menopause to go and see Kyoko. It is definitely worthwhile. Life is short give it a try!

Jean from Northwood

M.E. treated by Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

I had been suffering from M.E. for many years when I started seeing Kyoko. My husband and I had always wanted children but realised this would be a challenge with such poor health. Within a short time of starting treatment I found I had more energy and vitality, and my menstrual cycle became regular for the first time ever. To our amazement not long after we started trying I became pregnant, and I am now the proud mum of a beautiful baby boy. I valued Kyoko's warmth and professionalism, her holistic and thoughtful approach to complex health issues and I highly recommend her.

Katherine, St Albans

Lower Back Pain and Anxiety, Stress treated by Acupuncture, Herbs and Shiatsu

In October 2006, I was involved in a car accident, which resulted in my suffering from a persistently painful lower back. The pain got extremely severe in the seating position, whihc saw me signed off work for 6 weeks. During my Christmas break in France, I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, and was prescribed physiotherapy sessions for the spinal column. The therapist used various techniques, including shiatsu, to work on my lower back, and advised me to carry on with a similar kind of treatment upon my return to the UK. I found Kyoko's website whilst looking for a shiatsu practitioner, and, after the initial appointment, she suggested we combine shiatsu with acupuncture, and later on, with herbal medicine. I was sceptical about acupuncture but was in a lot of pain, so decided to go for it. Kyoko's genuine care, warmth, knowledge and support saw my condition improve drastically over the next 6 months. A listening ear and genuine care for a patient's well-being is a very rare gift in today's busy health sector, and I cannot recommend Kyoko highly enough. I have recently been seeking treatment for anxiety and stress, and again, I am finding the sessions very helpful. Thank you Kyoko!

Florence, Harpenden

Success stories and Fertility acupuncture

Fertility acupuncture with herbs - Recurrent miscarriage
After suffering from recurring miscarriages over 2 years, while trying for a second baby and being told by numerous doctors and consultants that it was "bad luck" and that there was no reason to explain the miscarriages, I decided to try alternative therapy of Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal medicine.

My sessions with Kyoko were calming and healing - physically as well as emotionally. I could feel my energy, hormones and body being re-balanced and restored as the weeks went by. Kyoko advised not to try for a baby until at least after 3 months of treatments. I could feel my body healing and getting stronger after each treatment. I fell pregnant after the third month and our beautiful baby girl is now coming up to 2 years old! My husband noticed the change in my physical and emotional well-being so much that he also went for some acupuncture sessions for his own relaxation and stress relief! I would certainly recommend Kyoko for anyone who is thinking of conceiving, to restore balance to their systems and create the best environment in their body to welcome a baby.
Mrs Allen, St. Albans

Fertility acupuncture with herbs - PCOS and amenorrhea
I found Kyoko after searching for alternate treatments for PCOS, I had not had a menstrual cycle for approx. 5 months after coming off the pill and was at my wits end, after one month of acupuncture and herbs I started ovulating and the following month conceived our beautiful baby boy. Kyoko always made every session relaxing and welcoming with fantastic results and I highly recommend her to everyone I meet. Thanks to Kyoko I feel more like I am now in tune with my body and have made a start to a wonderful family and will be returning in the future for further treatment - Thank you Kyoko.
Rae, Dunstable

Fertility acupuncture
Having tried for nearly 3 years to conceive, and in the 'unexplained infertility' bracket, I decided to give acupuncture a go. I googled local practitioners and found Kyoko. She was extremely professional and friendly, and really put me at ease. I found the sessions very relaxing and it was good to take time out after a busy day at work. We conceived after only a couple of sessions, and I continued to have acupuncture up to the 12 week mark. We welcomed healthy baby Rose into the world in April! I plan to visit Kyoko again when we decide to try for a second child, and would certainly recommend fertility acupuncture to others.
Sally, St. Albans

Fertility acupuncture and IVF
I was immediately put at ease on meeting Kyoko due to her calm and reassuring temperament as well as obvious knowledge and experience. Kyoko always seemed to base her treatment of me on my individual circumstances in relation to the stage of fertility treatment and how I was responding to the medication. I am now the mother of twins and am sure that Kyoko's treatment went some way to helping me to remain healthy and calm during a very difficult time.
Tamar, London

Fertility acupuncture and IVF
I turned to acupuncture as a last resort after 5 years of fertility treatment (2 IVF attempts and 2 miscarriages). The treatment gave me much needed hope and I was finally blessed with baby boy in 2008. He has been such a delight that we decided to try for another baby and go for another IVF cycle and Kyoko used acupuncture to prepare my body for this. The IVF worked and then I saw Kyoko weekly for acupuncture treatment to help maintain my pregnancy throughout the crucial first few months. The sessions were relaxing and helped me to focus on my goal of becoming a mother again. Seeing Kyoko was the highlight of my week! She has such a calming and professional presence. As a proud mother of two boys, I wholeheartedly recommend Kyoko to any woman who wants to increase her chances of getting pregnant.
Mrs L, St. Albans

Migraines treated by Acupuncture

I cannot recommend Kyoko for acupuncture enough to anyone, I have suffered migraines for the past three to four years at a rate of one every week and a half to two weeks, I could not find a cause, The NHS did many tests and examinations including scans, and they found nothing amiss!!! Honestly why would they....they managed to miss a crack in my collar bone about ten years ago, still I guess that's harsh they found it eventually after three x-rays...anyway rant over!!

Kyoko however listened to my problems and within two visits my migraines had reduced in frequency, she was on to something, her advice was to also change my diet and with continued visits my problem has (touch wood) disappeared to one every now and then, my record is nearly five months between a migraine (I think my holiday with rich food made me fall backwards...). I can with my hand on heart recommend having Kyoko's treatment, whether it advice or acupuncture, with Kyoko you are certainly in safe hands.

Richard P. Watford

Asthma, Hay Fever and Acupuncture

About two years ago I consulted Kyoko regarding asthma and hay fever symptoms. Quite quickly, after a couple of treatments, I no longer required the use of an inhaler and began to feel more in control of my general health and well-being. I've left each session feeling relaxed and grounded. Both my immune and digestion system have been given a massive boost and I truly believe this is due to Kyoko's efforts.

Kyoko is reliable professional and shows such care. Acupuncture has benefited my health in so many ways, I cannot thank Kyoko enough.

Sue, St. Albans

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